Echosline Maqui 3 Restoring Lotion tehohoito 250 mL

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Restructuring vegan lotion for damaged and treated hair.

Non-greasy formula with Chestnut Extract. Repairs and regenerates the internal structure of the hair, leaving it extraordinarily hydrated and healthy. Hair appears nourished, shiny and easy to comb. Does not weight the hair down.



  • 100% vegan
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • No sulfate, silicones and paraben


Active ingredients:

  • Maqui extract - with antioxidants and hydrating properties
  • Chestnut extract - with restructuring and strenghtening properties


Made in Italy.

Nimi Maqui 3 Restoring Lotion tehohoito

For coarse and treated hair and for dry scalp.
STEP 1 For a hydrating action before the classic treatment, use HYDRA-BUTTER on dry hair, applying a small amount at the base. Massage gently and leave in for 2 minutes.
STEP 2 Apply ALL-IN SHAMPOO and rinse thoroughly.
STEP 3 Spread a knob of HYDRA-BUTTER on the base of towel-dried hair and some RESTORING LOTION on the lengths and ends, then massage and comb, mixing the products, for extra- soft, perfectly disentangled hair. Rinse.
STEP 4 Lastly, spray ALL-IN OIL 1-2 times on wet hair before drying, or on dry hair after styling.
For coarse, treated, curly and frizzy hair.
STEP 1 Wash the hair with ALL-IN SHAMPOO. The type of hair indicated can be washed twice to remove residue and cleanse more deeply.
STEP 2 After shampooing, apply a synergic mix of HYDRA-BUTTER and RESTORING LOTION. Apply the HYDRA-BUTTER on the base to hydrate the hair in depth, and the RESTORING LOTION on the lengths and ends to repair the structure. Leave in for 10 minutes, then rinse.
STEP 3 Apply a second mix of RESTORING LOTION and ALL-IN OIL to damp hair. Apply 2-3 drops of RESTORING LOTION and spray on ALL-IN OIL 2-3 times. Massage to mix the two products and allow them to act in synergy, giving the hair a boost of pure energy.
STEP 4 Dry and style the hair.

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