9% Oxidizing Emulsion mini

  • Volume: 150 mL

Creamy perfumed oxidizing emulsion with a peroxide base. Its high quality formula gives a compact mixture that is easy to apply, and it enhances the characteristics of the Inebrya cream hair color. Contains hydrogen peroxide at 30 vols.

Specific stabilized formula is suitable for all hair colors and bleaches. High-quality activator guarantees safe and reliable colors.

Contains hydrogen peroxide at 30 vols.


  • Vol 30, 9 %
  • Creamy activator for all hair colors and bleaches
  • Stabilized formula
  • Soft emulsion is easy to mix
  • Forms an even and smooth color mix
  • Mild fragrance
  • Guarantees precise and reliable results


High-quality activators are developed to guarantee maximum results every time. Stabilized formula provides an even and precise oxidation process during the whole leave in time. High-quality Italian activators for maximum results.

Made in Italy.