Gem Stones decoration set

Collection of shimmering nail decoration diamonds in different colors and shapes.

10 different models, including among others hearts, stars, flowers etc.

Includes a wooden stick for easier application.

Diamonds in different colors and shapes, the content may vary slightly.


  • Red
  • Silver
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green


  • Heart
  • Tear drop
  • Square
  • Dot

The decorations are on average ca. 1 - 3 mm.

Only the imagination sets limits for the use of decorations!

Decorations are very durable and can be used with glue, nail polish or gels for instance. Can be used on any surface, below an example of use for nail art.

Using a wooden stick or tweezers, apply the decoration on nail polish or gel while still tacky. Leave to dry or cure. Alternatively apply glue or base/top coat on the desired surface and apply decoration.

Repeat as needed depending on the desired result.

Apply a layer of top coat or sealer and leave to dry or cure.